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About ibet168 Shan Koe Mee Cards Game

Shan Koe Mee Cards Game (Taung Paw Thar)

Shan Koe Mee Cards Game

If you are a fan of playing cards, let give you the good news: you can now play Shan Koe Mee online on the iBet168 online gaming website. The iBet168 online games website provides a simple and clear description and guidelines of the games including Shan Koe Mee, so you can easily play any game in a short time. Shan Koe Mee is an easy and simple card game. It is a game that combines luck and intelligence, so it is easier to win if you have a lot of experience. But do not worry, you can definitely win with the best game guidelines of ibet168.

The game is simple, you have to compete with a dealer. Players will be dealt two cards each and will be able to draw one more card if needed. The player who got the highest total score of the points will win the game. However, if the total score of the points exceeds ten, only the next digit will be taken, so you have to look at the total score of the points on the first two cards and decide whether to draw another one or not. If the total scores are the same, then the value of the cards will decide the winner. This means that A, K, Q, J, 9, 8, …, 2 will go in that order. If the values of the cards are the same again, it is need to compare the suits of the cards like Spades, Hearts, Diamonds and Clubs to decide the winner.

If you get two cards of same suit, you can win twice. You can win 3 times if you have three cards of same suit. If all three of your cards are of the same value, you will win five times. If the dealer has the same cards like you, you have to compare the value and suits of the cards as explained above.

If you got the total score of 8 or 9, it is called as “Do” and turn up the cards saying “Do” and you got the chance to win. “9 Do” win “8 Do”.  Coincidentally, if the dealer also gets a “Do”, then the winner and loser will be decided by the above rules.

At this point, I believe that you will have some understanding about Shan Koe Mee. You will definitely become more proficient as you play more and more. That’s why we invite you to come and play Shan Koe Mee on iBet168 online games website which provide fast, easy deposit and withdrawal service.